Who We Are - Natchez Children's Services
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Who We Are

Making you and your child feel welcome, comfortable and safe is a priority for each of us who spend time with you at the CAC.

The staff who assist you with checking in and the adults who listen to you and your child at your visit are all highly trained professionals who work at a CAC because they love helping children and families.

At our center we have Advocates who listen to caregivers and help with paperwork, assist with making appointments for therapy or other services and who stay in touch with families until the issue that brought them to the center is resolved.

We also have trained Listeners whose job it is to give your child a chance to tell their story without judgement or any pressure.

There are several Therapists on our staff who are specially trained to assist children and caregivers in healing after something happens to a child or family.

We welcome you to our CAC!


Provide support, information and resources to caregivers and professionals who are helping the child and family. They also prepare and accompany children and caregivers for testimony in court as needed.

Child protection Specialists:

Care about children and families. Their goal is to protect children and their families by keeping kids safe while they help parents and families get the support and resources they need.

Law Enforcement:

Police and Sheriff’s officers, deputies and investigators work to stop anyone from harming a child. In every county we serve, these men and women investigate crimes against children and work with Prosecutors to bring abusers to justice.

Medical Professionals:

Children who have been harmed need specialized medical care. The state of Mississippi has a superb team of specially trained doctors and nurses who evaluate and treat the children we see at the Center.

Trauma Therapists:

Trauma can hurt a child emotionally, psychologically and physically. Therapists with training and certification in trauma techniques provide therapy so that children and their caregivers may heal.

Meet the Team


Catherine McPhate M.Ed, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

Executive Director / Trauma Therapist / Family Advocate

Dee Thomas

Forensic Interviewer / Family Advocate / MDT Co-Facilitator


Forensic Interviewer / Family Advocate / Intake Specialist

Gloria Marshall

Financial Assistant

Kyla Heinzen

MDT Facilitator / Family Advocate