Our Services - Natchez Children's Services
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Our Services

Our center is a safe place where children who are witnesses to crime or possible victims of sexual or physical abuse can come to talk about what happened to them.

The trained professional listeners at our center spend time with each child giving them a comfortable and secure place to say in their own words, what happened.   Investigators watch via closed circuit television so that each child can tell what they experienced to the forensic interviewer who is a kid focused listener, rather than a law enforcement officer or child protection specialist.

A forensic interview at our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is the key that opens the door to services for both the child and their non-offending care giver. The Center’s advocates stay in contact with each child and family throughout the investigation, during the process of healing in therapy or the prosecution of those who harmed the child.   Advocates often are the bridge between families and the professionals pursuing justice for a child.

Trauma creates ripples that touch and impact children, families and our community. The wave that results from trauma’s ripples prevent a child from learning, create health problems and lifelong issues if not stopped right away.

Natchez Children’s Services CAC provides trauma focused therapy giving children and their families the chance to heal and build skills so they can move through the trauma to success in school, relationships and community. The supporters of our program work year-round to raise money to provide this service at no cost to the family or the taxpayer.

There are over 800 Children’s Advocacy Center’s throughout our country providing Justice, Hope and Healing to our nation’s children. We are honored to be part of that united team of dedicated professionals who know that our community’s children will be our future.