FAQ - Natchez Children's Services
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  1. Natchez Children’s Services (NCS) stopped being a care facility for children in 2009 because the state and federal laws about group care for children changed.
  2. The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is currently the only program NCS operates.
  3. The CAC does not remove children from families, does not provide foster care and does not help with adoptions.
  4. The CAC is an independent, non-profit agency.
  5. We are NOT employees of CPS, the Police or Sheriff’s Department or any state agency.
  6. The CAC provides services without charge to families and the agency who brings a case to the Center.
  7. The CAC is no longer located in the historic Natchez Children’s Services home. We needed our program to be in a secure and separate location. The historic home is now hosting a Christian day school and the sounds of children’s laughter can be heard in the halls again.
  8. Due to the confidential nature of our work we are unable to accept court mandated community service volunteers.
  9. The funds to support our services to Adams, Claiborne, Franklin, Jefferson and Wilkinson counties come from private donations and a few federal reimbursement grants.